Fatness is Highest Cancer Risk Next to Smoking and the Entire Medical Industrial Complex is a Scam

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If I was dictator of America

then it would be a sane world.


This is simply another problem that could be easily solved if people wanted to solve it and the single reason it isn’t solved is that no one wants to solve it.

And then you have all these wacky kikes in relevant positions of power who want all of this to happen.

Make money off of you with cheap vegetable oil fast food on the front end and then make money off of you from the cancer treatment on the back end.

A classic kosher sandwich.


Video: Femcels and The Problem of the Pill

Too long, didn’t read version: “the pill” is a source of negative social effects in women. Practically every aspect of feminism, including bad life choices, obesity, emotional insensitivity, dissatisfaction with male sexual partners, and potentially even political choices, matches what one would expect from the hormonal effects of “the pill.” At minimum, there is good reason to think it’s a boost to propaganda that pushes women to be unpleasant and dissatisfied and to make bad choices. At worst, it’s a powerful independent force turning women nasty.

Recommendations: Doctors are prescribing “the pill” for all sorts of things, on the assumption it’s safe, but for the sake of our daughters we should resist that. On a personal level, keep your woman off “the pill” if possible, and prefer women that were never on it, or at least used it as little as possible. On a social level, there are generations of women that probably have to be written off. They were hormonally poisoned. They are not going to become good people.


Yeah, “the pill” is marketed as a panacea for all the ailments of a woman, well beyond pregnancy. This is a hoax by the pharma companies, which doctors go along with because they’re being paid to or because all other doctors are going along with it or because the patients themselves ask for it.

It’s a total disaster, and it should be illegal. We have the data and the data shows the opposite of what the pharma companies claim and what people believe about this insane drug.

You should be able to make it illegal based on the simple fact that we have estrogen in the rain. You would think that would be a step too far.


By the way, thanks for Daily Stormer diet and exercise advice. No amount of sticking to the food pyramid, sugar-free soft drinks, lots of healthy whole-grain breads etc. would ever have given me visible abs.

When we talk about the poisons that people are being given, according to my experience the diet advice of the authorities should count as one of the poisons. It’s particularly harmful to conscientious rule-followers. The more you stick to those healthy high-carb diet rules, the worse the results.

I know that being a gullible sucker was ultimately my fault. But there is something wrong with a society where diligently following the advice of the health authorities makes you sick.


In most of Europe fast food is more expensive than regular food. Why is it the inverse in America?


Yeah no shit.

I’m glad I could help.

I am here to help.

This health stuff is the most important thing. No one is going to do anything of value if they’re not healthy. You feel bad and you have low confidence.

That is yet another reason the wignat movement is such a joke - they are actively against being healthy.

I put health above politics, as we are never going to have good politics if we are not healthy.


Probably because of the Jews.

But yes, I can confirm this is true for pretty much every country in the world. In Asia, going to McDonald’s is considered a serious big-spending event. And that isn’t really because Asia is poor, it’s because McDonald’s is actually much more expensive outside of the US.

In Eastern and Southern Europe, you can go to all kinds of good cheap cafeteria or kiosk-style restaurants. My favorite food place is still Greece, but the old communist style cafeterias are all great in every formerly east bloc country.

I don’t really know the situation in Western Europe though, because I haven’t spent much time there because it is too expensive. When I was there, I have to admit I was mostly eating haji food, because I is always a broke nigga.

I assume that the food is not healthy in the UK, because people there are basically as fat as in America.

You know who has great food though is the Moslems. Wow. These countries are total shit, even though the women are whores and very easy, just because everything else is gross. But the food is fantastic.


Grass-fed beef is disgusting. The burgers are tolerable, but the steaks are nasty. And we don’t need to fry their lardass sticks in actual lard. They just need to stop eating them.
We actually need fat camps and laws banning fat people from fast food places and other restaurants.

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I went to a McDonald’s this weekend. Don’t ban me, it was social activity with normies. Usually I avoid these places. I paid 8 Euro something for a cheap ass menu - that’s almost 10$. And it tasted just completely artificial, the bread tasted like cake and the sauce was completely sugary…

Honestly, I agree, Moslems have great food. And it’s way cheaper. I take Kebab over McDonald’s or Burger King every time.
Or I can just go to a butcher. Most butchers in Germany have some kind of canteen integrated. The meal of the day usually only costs around 5€ - goulash, roasted pork with potatoes and sauerkraut, etc… That kind of stuff. But only Germans go there, tourists don’t expect that you can have lunch at the butcher, but I would recommend it to anyone who’s visiting Germany.

Going to McDonald’s here is just really dumb on so many levels.


“The medical industrial complex feeds off of people being unhealthy”

That is very true. I was going through emotional distress because of a relationship I never got to have with a girl I liked when my father thought my place was in a psychiatric hospital. Ok, whatever, even if we assume I deserved to be committed, why on Earth did I have to be force medicated with drugs that cause your likelihood of committing suicide to go up 70 times and make you obese and very likely diabetic (here and here; the drug’s name is Zyprexa, an atypical antipsychotic) It’s been four years and I still haven’t been able to lose the extra weight, probably because the sheer fact that it was my father, of all people, who sent me to a madhouse shattered my belief in a God and broke my will, more or less. In fact, to this day - and to my utter disbelief - my old man refuses to admit that it was the psychiatric drugs that made me fat, giving the articles I present to you here the brush-off.


Towards the end of my first trip to Iraq me and a dozen others met up with a team of Iraqis we’d been working with for a year and ate some sandnigger cuisine. It wasn’t bad. There weren’t any explosives in the food either which was cool.


I actually don’t even know what that means.

Seems gibberish.


That sucks.

I would think you’d be eating a lot of it there.

Even just out on patrols and shit.

Were you banned from just stopping in shops and getting food?

It’s gotta be better than MREs.


We were mostly in a state of security, having to be ready to move at all times. We rarely dismounted from our vehicles to mingle. We had to-go plates from our dining facility and snacks from the PX for the missions. I was on a big ass base, FOB Warrior, so we had access to good food.

Just so there’s no confusion, the dinner I’m referring to was off base, in the depths of Kirkuk. Don’t want anyone thinking I’m a baserat.


Grass-fed steaks are nasty. They don’t taste good. They taste like fucking grass. This is a fact proven by science.

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What should they be fed by?

For anyone out there wanting to work a little mischief, go on a boomer site and start harping on obesity. They’ve had 30 years of Rush Limbaugh telling them that being fat is a sign of prosperity. While many of them (including Rush himself) have seen the folly of this, you still have holdouts who want to crow about “muh individual liberty to eat what I wanna eat.” There are also still lots of holdouts on the “fat makes you fat” thing. I feel sorry for the Harleys that have to hold them up.